CRM Wallet

CDS CRM & eWallet is the perfect add-on module to turn your cost centres (your POS system) into a profit centre.

  • Online purchase, delivery and e-payments
  • Purchase history and e-receipts
  • Virtual Queue and appointment management
  • Reservations / Bookings management for services
  • Merchant info page and social media link
  • Marketing and promotion events & notifications
  • E-promotion discount vouchers
  • E-membership cards
  • E-stored-value cards
  • Loyalty and rewards management

Store CRM

  • Customer Details and Membership Lists
  • Membership and Loyalty Reward Programs
  • Promotions, Vouchers and Discount Programs
  • Gift Cards
  • Reports and Data Analysis
  • POS and Payment Gateway Integrations
  • E-commerce and Delivery
  • Queue Management
  • Marketing Events and Customer Notifications

CRM Management

  • Consolidate reports and analytics
  • Membership Management
  • Gift Card Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Multi-outlets management
  • Multi brands management
What better way to engage, interact and provide convenience to your customers,
and ensure they keep returning more often and spend more with each visit, while attracting new customers
to your business, than with the CDS CRM & eWallet solution!